Web Untied


We are a technology company and strive to make your technology transparent so you a can focus on your passion. 
Residential to large business we have solutions to support all your technology needs.

Our pricing is simple and straight forward:

I.T. Consulting/Website Work/Helpdesk Solutions = $60 per hour

non-profits (501c3), military personnel (current or veteran), EMT's, firefighters, police, get 50% discount

Website = $500.00*

Hosting fees can vary: $35 - $316+ per year (depending on service requirements)
Bring your own domain name or have us buy one for you

Teaching/Training fees $60 per hour

*(other plugins and third party tools may have additional costs)

Our Mission:
Conduct IT Professionally,
Communicate IT Effectively,
Execute IT Quickly and

Support IT with Quality.

Web Untied